The literature is clear. In order to stay healthy and achieve your optimal health you need to stay active and exercise. At all ages exercise is critical to keep you functioning at your best. So we need to exercise and we need to encourage each other to make it an important part of our lives.

At Nittany Valley Chiropractic we are helping our patients and neighbors to be more active by integrating exercise classes, yoga, and a Walk with the Doc program. If as health care providers we know how important it is to exercise daily it is time for us to walk the walk, as they say. So Fitness Inspires an exercise fitness program led by Kiersten Gelfand is offered in our new 1200 square foot space adjacent to our office. Kiersten inspires her classes to improve their lives through exercise, diet and positive challenges backed by pre evaluation and post evaluation accountability. Her fun classes challenge all levels of participants in a fun group setting.

Karen Sapia of Lotus Yoga offers classes to help you refocus, stretch, improve core strength and meditate. Yoga is exercise emphasizing stretching, sustained muscular function, breathing and mindfulness. The beauty of yoga is you will feel refocused, stronger and refreshed after each workout. The relaxation effect, good for your brain function, and exercise, combined into a class leaves you refreshed ballanced and stronger.

As of April I will be leading an exercise walking boot camp over the lunch hour 12:15-1:00 on Monday and Wednesday. We will meet at the office and head off on a brisk walk encompassing fun fitness challenges along the way. Working with Fitness Inspires pre and post testing will occur. On our walks we will do varying upper body and lower body challenges to increase heart function and improve muscular strength. It will be a fun way to burn calories, meet some new friends and walk into better shape. Join us on April 14 and 16 for a challenging fun walk for free. You’ll enjoy yourself over lunch and improve your health.

It is time for us to shake off the winter blues and spring into better wellness. As healthcare providers we are encouraging our patients and all readers to be more active, exercise regularly and benefit with better health. I hope you join us for a healthier Spring.


Roy M. Love, D.C

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