What Makes Olga Run was the front cover article in today’s Sunday, Dec 29, edition of Parade magazine. Olga is a 94 year old superstar masters track athlete who owns over 20 world records for athletes over 85. The story in Parade tells the lessons we all could learn from Olga as we approach the New Year hoping to take on new habits for wellness and healthy aging.
As our practice grows into offering wellness programs for fitness, stress management, weight management and diet I found the article incredibly coincidentally related to what Nittany Valley

Wellness Center can now offer you and your family. So I summarize the article below and wish you a healthy 2014.

“We think longevity is probably about 70-75% lifestyle,” quoted from Angela Brooks-Wilson PhD geneticist from Genome Science Center at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver.

Exercise is the best way to increase longevity function and healthy memory.

Don’t sit for long. Stand move and if sitting limit the time and get up. The painless act of getting up pumps blood from the feet to the head, helps maintain blood pressure and keeps you steady on your feet. Olga almost never sits and she remains active all day.

Eat Real Food. Simple. If it is grown or raised or cooked from ingredients that your grandma used it is probably good for you.

Be a Creature of Habit.

Develop regular healthy routines like stretching and daily exercise.

Cultivate a Sense of Progress. Set goals which are attainable. Wins in middle age are harder so move the yardstick according to your age. Olga and masters track does that for Olga. For you it could be how far you walk or how many push-ups you can do or what you weigh compared to 6 months ago.

Lighten Up. Life is not to be fretted over in minuscule detail. When Olga was asked her secret of aging well she said, “Enjoy Life!”

What more is to be said.

I hope in the new year you visit our website www.nittanyvalleychiropractic.com and take advantage of the additional expertise we have added to our office by adding Nick Peters, licensed massage therapist, Kiersten Gelfand Masters in Exercise Physiology, Karen Sapia, Yoga and meditation, and soon an acupuncturist and registered dietician.

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