Tis’ the season to have grandiose intentions for so many areas of your life including getting more fit.  I absolutely love goal setting–and dreaming brave things for my life, my family’s life, and also being a part of your goals too!  However, so many people have great intentions, but intentions aren’t enough as we know from New Year’s past.  I’m definitely not saying though to be like one of those people who refuse to set goals or share resolutions because they have given up either…Instead make goals that coincide with your life priorities and let’s do this together with Fun, Accountability, & Results! (R)

I want to encourage you to Dream Brave…
think about all the areas of your life that are really important to you (please note this can not me a list of 15– you cannot give what you don’t have, and you cannot be everything to everyone!)  Dream Brave in those areas only.

Stay Strong…
Intentions are not enough!  Write down your brave goals.  Share them with a few trusted support people in your life.  Find a program, write steps that have worked for others in the same area, do your research, find a plan that works and commit day in and day out!!  Shameless plug, Fitness Inspired (live and online) works–commit to the program, go to work, and you will be so thankful you stayed strong in your fitness goals!

Live Fitness Inspired…
Our bodies were designed to move.  We feel so much better when we are fueling our bodies right with nutrient-dense foods.  You will have more energy and be better from the inside-out when you are treating your body with the reverence that it deserves.  And don’t forget that last word “Inspired.”  I want to encourage you to be inspired, and I believe in order to be inspired you have to know your priorities, hone them, and live your passion!  If you are not doing for the most part what you were put on this earth to do…you will feel it and the people around you will not feel energized when they are with you either.

I hope you decide to commit with me to Dream Brave. Stay Strong. Live Fitness Inspired in 2014!

By FI Kiersten

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